Sunday, 26 April 2015

Assessed Activity 7.1

I often use Google Docs to facilitate digital learning, its an online cloud platform that has its hooks in all of the mainstream device types like Android, Mac and PC. This online cloud platform is designed for file hosting and office productivity type activities.

An example of use is working on an assignment with your peers at the same time, anytime one person makes a change to the document it is immediately saved and updated to anyone else viewing or editing the document.

Strengths of using Google Docs as a digital learning technology:

  • Collaboration capabilities, sharing work in one easy to manage place.
  • Everyone can see whats happening easily.
  • Easy sharing of large files.
  • High compatibility with devices = high accessibility.

Weaknesses of using Google Docs and a digital learning technology:
  • Sharing is an all or nothing policy if you allow editing meaning some one could mess up the document and you have to fix it wasting time if its a regular thing.
  • Ease of access means ease of plagiarism.
  • Needing to have people's emails to allow them to edit.
Opportunities using Google Docs as a digital learning technology:

  • Could be used to easily give students access to a chunk of files without having to host them on EITOnline which is a very slow service.
  • The spreadsheet function could be used to keep track of students and allow them to check off their own work in the spreadsheet, this could be used to help the student keep up and the lecturer to understand where everyone is up to.

Threats of using Google Docs as a digital learning technology:

  • Google could take ownership of your files via some bogus terms of service.
  • Your files could be lost.
  • Your google account could be hacked/stolen.

Considerations when using google Docs.

You need to be connected to the internet to take advantage of Google Docs completely, there are apps that allow you to create documents while offline but if some one else has edited to document online while you were editing offline you can run into issues, this isnt an issue if you just stay connected. 

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