Thursday, 16 April 2015

7.1 Instructional Design Model

Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT

This weeks activity is slightly different. First of all we had a 'walk about' on campus and paid a visit to the music department where we met Tom, the tutor. Whilst he spoke to (and showed) us his software (Insight by Faronica) Michael fielded questions from students and Steffanie streamed the lesson (Adobe Connect) to those students who could not attend class but were able to participate from home - great collaboration which worked really well. I will download and include some photographs and a short video of this experience shortly.

The music lab is set up using Apple Mac's, students have headphones and small keyboards at their 'work stations'. Additional seating area with tables is available for when students ware not working at their stations. The software Tom was using allows for greater interaction between tutor and students, it also offers the facility of full class participation. 

However, like with most software, it has it's strengths and weaknesses. These are some that I think apply.

  • allows tutor to monitor students work without being beside them
  • allows the tutor to show the class/individual on large screen
  • easier than using 'PowerPoint' slides
  • access to video
  • assists in monitoring student progression
  • allows tutor to 'help'
  • Limited access to some sites (blocked by tutor)
  • Privacy issues (students might not like it)
  • Overuse of 'monitoring' facility
  • Authenticity of students work
  • 'Mute' Students would find this annoying if in the middle of something - could also be a positive to assist students
  • Material only stored for six months
  • sharing facility between fellow students
  • used in other areas of EIT
  • Hacking
  • Over writing of material
Overall I found this software to be an asset in the music lab. With some considerations it could become a good collaborative piece of software which could work well across the broad range of courses at EIT. When designing learning for remote participation there are so many different pieces of software which you have to have. When you have decided what you are going to do and what you are going to use you must make sure that they are all compatible. Internet access is getting less and less of an issue now and as time progresses and we all have fast reliable coverage remote teaching will become more acceptable than traditionally going into a classroom.

Saying that not so far back some 'remote' students participated within the classroom by using radio transmission - things haven't changed that much after all.....

Just some photographs from the day for you to see.


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