Sunday, 5 April 2015

digital learning technologies what are the benefits?

Insight by Faronics

During the first week of April our DLT tutor took us on a "Field trip" to the music block of EIT. We were greeted by the tutor there; Tom he then proceeded to show us the "teaching program" that he uses to teach students.

I emphasize the term teaching Program loosely as it reminded me more of the 'nanny care' program that was used to control and watch students and I at high school, The program itself has potential to be a great piece of collaboration software as i feel that is what he uses it for. But it also contains features that seem very draconian and out of place for a teaching tool But if used by the right person this program can achieve much in the end, i feel.

It seems to be running extremely well on Apple Macs. Further questions were asked about the program in regards to its content containment where we found out that the programs retains its content saved on the mac for 6 months where it becomes to bloated where they proceeded to wipe it clean then.

Overall it seems like a great program with a few niggles that when left alone do not effect the overall experience.

Post By Phyzard, (Blair Turpin)

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