Sunday, 5 April 2015

Assessed Activity 7.1

Campus Walkabout

Reflection on the issues surrounding the use of digital learning technologies

  • Being able to share with the class remotely from the tutors computer.
  • The tutor being able to block or allow certain programs/websites.
  • I thought that being able to mute the students sound and speak to them through the microphone was a very useful tool especially in a music class.

  • The use of mac's. Having to learn a different operating system.
  • not being able to edit your submissions to the drop box.
  • If another student wanted to share his screen with another student he can only do so from the tutors computer

  • I guess the opportunity for Plagiarism is a little higher with everyone's screen being visible on the projector at the front of the class.
  • If anyone wanted to change anything they would only need to access the tutor computer at the front of the class.

  • When designing learning remotely you need to consider if you are going to be online or offline. Adobe Connect is excellent for video conferencing online, but if your internet connection is playing up or the drivers for your webcam wont install then you are going to run into some serious issues.
  • Insight is a good example of offline remote learning. All of the computers in the lab run the same software and don't require an internet connection to communicate with the tutor or other members of the class.

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