Thursday, 2 April 2015

7.1: Campus Walkabout

During the campus walkabout, we visited the music block in which software was being used to assist in the learning process. The software used connects all the class computers (Macs) to the lecturers computer at the front of the classroom. The lecturers computer can see all the computers screens and can perform various tasks to one or multiple of them.

For example, the lecturer can share their screen with one or many of the other computers, to show the students how to complete a task or solve a specific problem. They can also control the computers to help the students if they are stuck, log them off if they leave their user logged in and restrict internet access, if the student does not want to have the temptation of going off topic. They can also mute selected computers which is very useful to get the students attention, as it is a music class and headphones are often used.

There could be multiple issues relating to this digital learning software. They mainly relate to misuse of the program with the intent of causing damage to a students work, or watching a student without their knowledge. These don't seem to be a problem however, as the software is confined to the classroom, and it was said that the music department is very transparent and honest about when the program is being used. Also an icon appears on the students computer monitors when the lecturers computer is actively monitoring them.

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