Sunday, 19 April 2015

Assessed Activity 7.1

In the campus walkabout, we went and visited the music school and got shown a system called insight. Insight is a program that allows a series of computers in a network to be monitored/ controlled by one. This is a great tool for teaching, tutoring and collaboration.

I attended the class through adobe connect. The video playback was less then optimal, 
pixelated and hard to hear people speaking at times. I asked a question about the efficiency of the file uploading functionality, Michael V asked my question and got an answer fairly promptly. I was happy with how the class was streamed.

  • Collaboration capabilities, sharing work in one easy to manage place
  • Simultaneous teaching, share lecturers screen to everybody
  • Everyone can see whats happening easily
  • Restricted access to websites, keep students focused  on their task
  • Individual tutoring, if one person has a problem the tutor can help them individually without effecting others
  • Possible plagiarism issues
  • Security of the network and students/ lecturers work
  • Less physical or face-to-face interaction with students/ lecturer
  • Publicly available content could make people interested in studying at EIT
  • Off-site access to content encourages ubiquitous learning 
  • Network security, viruses/ unauthorized access to accounts/ work
  • Abuse of power
  • Plagiarism between students
In conclusion, I think that the insight management system is a hugely powerful tool that helps tremendously with the way that students learn and how content is taught. The functionality of the program provides students and teachers with an enhanced learning environment, which not only makes learning more fun and interesting, but increases the efficiency of content delivery.

Considerations when designing learning for remote participation

Internet connectivity is something that is paramount when streaming and viewing a stream. The streamer must have sufficient upload speed to push the content out. In comparison the viewer must have sufficient download speed to get the content. The streamer has To be careful not to push content out too fast, so that the viewer cannot receive the content fast enough. The streamer should change the upload bit-rate to a smaller size if problems are occurring (constant buffering).

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