Friday, 24 April 2015

Assessed Activity 7.1 (Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT)

It was a great experience, we went to Music Studio with Full class of DLT. It was our "campus walkabout" tour. During the tour Tom who is the teacher of the idealschool, share with us their teaching technique. They are using “Insight” software by Faronics. It is a classroom management software. For more details about Insight please check this video.


  • Easy to teach. (Remote access)
  • Monitor the students learning activities
  • Block websites and contents
  • Support multimedia

  • Privacy issues
  • Yearly subscription fees
  • Storage limitation

  • Sharing system
  • Access the previous lesson from backup storage

  • Student limited access
  • Computer knowledge

When we are prepare a learning method with remote participation that time we have to focus some important issues:
  • Internet connection (If the remote access over the internet that time we need good internet connection for all user)
  • Security
  • Multimedia devices (Visual and audio supported device)
  • File sharing
  • Privacy
  • Easy to access


Faronics. (2012, Jube 21). Faronics Insight [Video file]. Retrieved from


  1. Very good software to use. Easier to manage the students and share knowledge. I like your post.

  2. Thanks Richard ... Yes it is a great software