Monday, 6 April 2015

Activity 7.1 Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT

Last week, we had a walkabout to the music block on the campus. We got a interesting introduction in a fantastic digital technology software called "Faronics Insight" by a tutor. The software enables a high interactive learning and especially a high learning success. Never before, it was so uncomplicated to have the class under control simply with one software. Nobody is getting the opportunity to distract itself with doing other things like Facebooking. With that software, the teacher is getting the possibility to have a overview about all PC's and even can project a desk of anybody on the beamer. That increase the concentration of the students. A big advantage is the function "Desktop-Management". It is not needed anymore to walk through the class for helping students. In my opinion a disadvantage is more or less the observation. Students should not get in pressure based on that.

  • Teaching without walking around class
  • Having the overview about all desks of the students 
  • Share informations
  • Possibility to access on students computers for helping
  • Tutor is controlling you, no privacy
  • use of apple
  • storing amounts just 6 months
  • Access from different parts for a greate collaboration
  • The tutor is able to change something (advantage/disadvantage)
  • Less privacy   

If you are getting a bad connection you should able to use a offline modus, where everyone is using the same program

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