Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Activity 7.1

I was absent during the class visit to the EIT Music Department due to my internship commitments, so I will be writing about a Digital Learning Technology I am familiar with.

A Digital Learning Technology I am familiar with is Adobe Connect, obviously as it is used in this class.  Adobe Connect software allows tutors to broadcast their lectures online and even record the videos to upload later. This is particularly useful to me as I can attend lectures while I am off-campus at my internship placement.

Other features that is included in this software are
·         Having the ability to hand over hosting rights to other people, so they can share their screen or webcam.
·         A text chat session along with the broadcast so people can discuss the lecture online
·         Allowing others to use their microphone to talk to the class

·                     Tutor being able to share screen/webcam
·                     Students being able to remotely attend class
·                     Option to have more than one host

·                     Students not ever attending physical classes out of laziness
·                     Students online getting less attention from Tutor
·                     Students not paying as much attention online as they would in class


A possible opportunity is to have guest lecturers from around the world that institutes wouldn’t normally be able to have. This would save on flights and accommodation to bring the lecturer over.

There always threats when things are broadcasted publicly, the main threat is that anyone could attend the class. They could spam, say profanities and abuse class members through the chat.


Taking all things in to consideration, the strengths and opportunities definitely outweigh the weaknesses and threats. The threats are very unlikely of happening as to view the broadcast you need the URL. Broadcasts can also be made private, so this would eliminate the possible threats. The host also has the ability to kick anyone from the broadcast.

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