Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Week 7: Instructional Design Model

Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT

Assessed Activity 7.1 (2015)

During the campus walkout we visited the musical class in EIT. Their Michel introduced Tom who is tutor in EIT music department. The tom introduced some of the tools and software used by musical department and he explained the working of tools and software. The musical department is using software called insight for teaching purpose also they are using apple desktops. Every musical instrument is connected to the desktops and and these desktops are networked together. This insight software is product of “faronics”. And this is an awesome experience to become a part of campus walk out.

  •  Tutor can monitor every one activity.
  •  Can able to give individual activity.
  • Activity done by students can able to store in insight directory.
  • Tutor can assess the students very easily.
  • This Software (Insight) promotes interactive learning with sharing features.

  •  Students don’t have any privacy.
  • EIT have to Pay money for renewing the licence for this learning Software.
  • Traditional way of learning music expense is low when compared to this digitalised way because of too much IT infrastructure and software involved.

  • This software promotes a better participation of student in class room.
  •  Everyone can access their own activity by recording the music.

  •  An updated version of this software with new functionality will force the Organization to buy it. Because the students and tutors are more familiar with this product.
  • Changing this familiar software will put the department in difficulty.
  •  Any weakness in this software design will cause more trouble to the users.
Any way this software is good product for learning the music.
Remote participation is good option for those who are not able to attend the class. In case if a student is hospitalized or taking rest in home due to illness they can attend the class through online. It is better to record the section those who failed to attend the by accident. The adobe connect is a better software for recording the teaching section. Use good hardware for better resolution and good sound for example webcam integrated with mic (microphone). Those who have poor internet connection can download the section and can watch it later.

Campus Walkout

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