Sunday, 12 April 2015

Activity 7.1 Campus Walkabout

During our last class we went to the EIT Music Department to view the software they were using to assist their students in the learning process. They were using a software program that allowed the lecturer to view and alter a students work while they were in class using the Mac computers provided. The program has interesting features such as remote access, sharing a students screen for the class and able to alter the students work to help show them a way to complete their task.

Another feature they have is the ability to mute all of the students computer so that they may all hear the lecturer or a certain students music. The amount of control the lecturer has over their students computers goes as far as being able to log them off their computers and restrict their access to the internet. 

  • Remote Access
  • Screen Share
  • Mute option
  • Blocking internet access
  • lecturer may have to much control over the students work/privacy
  • restricted to the use of apple computers
  • no student sharing between students
Opportunities & Threats

A possible opportunity is to make the program have a shared feature such as Google Docs allowing multiple people to work on & alter a single project. This kind of collaboration would be very helpful for future artists.

Threats such as a breach of privacy are possible as your information/work is displayed by the lecturer in front of everyone possibly increasing the probability of someone copying your work. IF someone is able to remote access your work they may rewrite it causing damage to your work. 


Looking over the weaknesses and threats we must remember that this is all done within the music lab and can't be edited from outside of the classroom. When asked about the possible threats to privacy the music lecturer was very forthcoming with their protocol of asking a student before sharing their work in front of the class. They only altered a students work when they had permission from the student. Finally the student is always aware when their work is being viewed by the lecturer as a noticeable icon appears in the corner of the screen altering them.

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