Sunday, 19 April 2015

7.1 Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT

In our campus walkabout we discovered the music school and checked how they deal with a software called insight.

Everyone is making a little SWOT-analysis


- Good overview
- Control of students
- Easy to use
- Nice Graphical User Interface


- Not for free (have to pay yearly fees for license)
- Could interrupt students in a creative moment
- Kind of control over their computers


- Have better audience
- No changing of seats anymore
- No distraction while the lecturer is talking


- Total control of students
- Loss of privacy
- More controlling than teaching
- Security issues if someone hack the administrator (access to all accounts)

Some considerations for the designing of learning for remote participation, problems and solutions:

- Internet connection break up --> Record session

- Did not understand what the lecturer means --> Ask him/her with the chat function

- Lecturer do not notice that i want to say something --> Little pop-up window could be helpful

- Problems with any technical stuff --> Provide a meeting number like in companies to dial in if every other thing is broken, in this case you just can hear the audio, but it is better than nothing

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